Draw and push shelf design. The heat exchanger separates the cooling system into two circuits: coolant circuit and water circuit. The cold coolant will be sprayed into the miners to remove the heat. The heat within the liquid coolant will be transferred to the water within the heat exchanger where unwanted heat will be efficiently dispersed into the air by dry coolers.


  • Higher IT density: Enhanced 40ʼcontainer can hold 640 miners, which drastically lowers the cost per miner
  • Higher inlet and outlet water temperature, 100% free cooling anywhere
  • Miners are in sealed boxes, dust-free, which greatly improves the reliability and extends the life of miners
  • Silent Mining Farm: Because the sound is lower than 40dB, these mines can be placed almost
  • Dry operation interface
  • Heat recovery: Selective and accurate distribution of heat to productive use areas, water temp can reach 65°

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